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So what is this all about?

Mind Escape is a place where you can play an “escape the room” game. The players are closed in a particularly prepared room. Inside, they have to find hidden objects and face various puzzles, that will allow them to get out. GOAL of the game is to solve the main riddle and escape the room in less than 60 minutes.

Fun for everyone!

It’s the perfect alternative to cinema, bowling, paintball, pool or simply sitting in front of a computer screen. Designed for anyone willing to have some fun - both the younger and older one. It’s a great place for families with kids, groups of friends or company employees. If you’d like to spend an hour like none before, forget about all problems and just have some good time - welcome.



Grandma is a very cautious woman. She’s heard it all about any kinds of break-ins and frauds, and the “grandson method” is all known to her. Her room is one big mystery. Turns out, her favourite TV series starts soon, and poor Grandma can’t find her remote to change the channel. Desperate and terrified by the prospect of missing an episode, she asked YOU - her beloved grandchildren - for help. You have 60 minutes to find the remote and save Grandma.



You are the agents of Polish Intelligence. Your superiors got information about some very valuable files hidden in the old apartment of Marian Rejewski (one of the cryptologists that helped solve the Enigma code). Enemy secret service got that information too and will be there in 60 minutes.
Your task is to find the files before they do. Good luck!



49,5 zł per person
99 zł
Game for 2
19,8 zł per person*
20 zł cheaper!
With student's ID
23,8 zł per person*
119 zł
Game for 3-5
* - price with max. no. of players


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Kalendarz rezerwacji od 26 września 2016 do 2 października 2016

W celu rezerwacji należy wybrać odpowiednią godzinę.
Rezerwacji należy dokonywać najpoźniej 3 godziny przed rozpoczęciem gry.
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Szczegóły rezerwacji:

Kalendarz rezerwacji od 26 września 2016 do 2 października 2016

W celu rezerwacji należy wybrać odpowiednią godzinę.
Rezerwacji należy dokonywać najpoźniej 3 godziny przed rozpoczęciem gry.
Wolne Zajęte Niedostępne 

Szczegóły rezerwacji:

Special offer


Would you like to strengthen the ties amongst your employees? Test their teamwork capabilities? Train on group communications? Or just stir them up to creative thinking? Mind Escape is the ideal choice!


Someone’s birthday/bachelorette/stag-party is coming up, and you have no idea how to please all the guests? Would you like to have some fun too, instead of only focusing on the preparations? Let us organize this special day for you or your friend.

Gift card

Don’t have an idea for a gift to someone? Try a gift card for Mind Escape. We will make sure it will be most unforgettable gift he or she ever received.


Suggested number of players is 2 to 5 people. Attempting to go alone might mean not finishing the game, and having too many people in the room makes crowd that can hamper your enjoyment.

We accept only cash in PLN.

We welcome anyone willing to have some fun in a group of friends or family. Those under the age of 16 should come with an adult. We do not recommend the game for anyone having claustrophobia, shortness of breath or other afflictions that could be harmful during an Mind Escape game. Those under the influence of alcohol or any drugs won’t we allowed to play.

At least 15 minutes earlier (so 12:45 in this case), so that we can explain the game rules.

Mind Escape is an universal game, so any puzzle enthusiast is welcome. However, the game rules and hints during play are in Polish and English, so at least one person in group should be familiar with any of those languages at a basic level.

Yes. But there is risk that both rooms will be taken by then so playing won’t be available then.

Don’t worry. There are no spiders, snakes, mouses nor any other thing that could scare you. Unless you’re scared by having fun ;-)

Should you have no more ideas how to proceed, you can ask for help. The supervisor will give you hints that will help you and allow to continue having fun.

Didn’t find answer to your questions? Write us!


Mind Escape, ul. Wielka 19/13, 61-775 Poznań

(+48) 531-831-331